A Core Value Approach

Regardless of the size or location of a project, the health and safety of the people involved is the most critical factor. With established safe work practices and continual involvement from all staff, goals of the organization are met. At Yahtue Industrial, we achieve the goals because safety is a core value supported throughout all levels of the organization.

Risk Management

Yahtue applies Risk Management at all stages of the project, beginning with conception through to execution and into turnover.

  • Identify and mitigate the hazards through Safety Planning, Hazard Assessment & Emergency Response Planning and providing measurable Leading & Lagging Indicator trending & analysis to help in future project planning;
  • Safety involved at the concept phase to develop the Safety Management Plan, Project Hazard Assessment, Waste Management, Emergency Response planning and client standard review;
  • Safety involved at the field planning level with Site Safety Professionals, Fall Management Plans, Job Hazard Assessments, Audits, Supervisor Training and Codes of Practice;
  • Safety involved at the work front with Safety Meetings & Communication, Worker Task Hazard Assessments, In-House Training Programs, Site Inspections and Mentoring;
  • We provide measurable statistics throughout and upon completion of 14 Leading Indicators, all possible Lagging Indicators and over 100 Trending and Analysis Factors.